“VITO-ILIN MLADENOV” EOOD /Limited Liability Private Company/ is a commercial company, registered by the District Court of Plovdiv, verdict Nr. 5077 of 11.08.2005 г., with registered office and address of management in the town of Plovdiv. The basic activity of the company covers the sphere of design and production of ecologically clean equipment. It manufactures highly effective two- and three-way pellet boilers and fireplaces with different capacity. The equipment is characterized with:

  • Automatic supply of pellets to the combustion chamber
  • Automatic ignition of fuel
  • Automatic cleaning of combustion chamber and smoke flue
  • Automatic tracking of fire in the combustion chamber
  • Automatic tracking of temperature in the equipment by means of electronic control and programmable logical controller
  • Vacuum pipe solar collectors with a pipe of the type “Head pipe” are manufactured.
  • The company constructs solar (photovoltaic) stations with pv-modules.
  •  Installations for production of electric power and pellet presses with output up to 350 kg/h are manufactured
  • Solar heating systems are constructed and engineering activities in technology sphere are accomplished, connected with significant reduction of power consumption.
  • In order to satisfy the customer requirements to the fullest extent the company covers all the activities connected with the solar thermal equipment as well as the photovoltaic equipment!