Fireplace KA – 2/10

The fireplace KA-2/10 is designed for burning of wood pellets and pits. Burning other materials is not recommended!

It is designed for heating of one-family houses, apartments and commercial sites for which the total heat power consumed is up to 10 кW. The fireplace is with water heating, forced water circulation and working pressure of water amounting to 4 bars. Before the dispatch the fireplace is tested for overpressure of 6 bars. The heat exchanger is of shell-and-tube type, two-way with counter-flow of water and smoke. The pellet hopper is built in the fireplace casing and its capacity is 30 l (18kg). The capacity of the fireplace cinder-box is 4 l.




  • Automatic combustion of fuel
  • Completely automated process of functioning
  • Automatic cleaning of the torch
  • Low emissions of exhaust gasses in the process of burning
  • High efficiency factor
  • A possibility for functioning with solar collectors of hot water