Pellet boiler with two-way heat exchanger and built in hopper-common casing

Production: 8-22 KW/H;
Dimensions of pellet hopper: height – 580 mm, height – 1370 mm, depth – 750 mm;
Capacity of the built in pellet hopper – 70 l; Efficiency factor: up to 80%



Specifications of boiler:

  • Automatic supply of pellets to the combustion chamber;
  • Automatic combustion of fuel;
  • Automatic cleaning of combustion chamber and smoke flues;
  • Automatic tracking of fire in the combustion chamber;
  • Automatic tracking of temperature in mantle-piece;
  • Automatic tracking of temperature in the living rooms;
  • The processes in the boiler are electronically controlled by means of programmable logical controller.